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Mjolnir - Magnus Meade


An amber, crisp and clear meade that is smooth and honey-scented with the aroma of wildflowers.   Strong and deceptive as Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

The mythic Ambrosia.


750 mL

12% ABV


Valhalla - Magnus Meade


Clear, golden-hued, light and crisp, pure meade from fireweed and goldenrod with an exquisite bouquet.   Powerful enough for any Viking warrior.

Nectar of the Gods.


750 mL

13.5% ABV


Niflhiem - Magnus Meade


A hand fasting of organically grown Black Currents and wildflower honey make a most flavourful blend.   A little tart & slightly sweet, a fine celebratory meade.  

From the Land of Mist.


750 mL

10% ABV


Yggdrasil - Magnus Meade

Yggdrasil - Apple

A rich meade, exuding aromas of autumn honey and Nova Scotia apples with a cascading palate revealing its strong yet subtle character from this blended apple-meade.

May the Tree of Life bestow wisdom upon you.


750 mL

10% ABV



 Our product is not sold in stores but, it can be purchased locally in Cape Breton at the farm with an appointment or at one of the local Makrets, as stated on our contact page

NO sulphites, sulphates or preservatives have been used in the production of Magnus Meade.
It should be stored in the fridge or in darkness at a temperature between 3° & 5° Celsius.


Drink Mead, Taste History!

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